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The flat rate fee to rent out the Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health Cafe is $3,000, plus tax, for up to two hours of event time. Additionally, there is a 30-minute load-in and 30-min load-out allotment (flexible upon request). The maximum amount of guests allowed is 50-65 individuals. Renting out the café means you will have access to a fully staffed bar, and each guest may receive up to two (2) beverages from our menu. After your request is approved, you agree to sign a general agreement and pay the booking fee upon the time of receipt to secure your desired date and time. An invoice will be sent digitally via Square. 

Available time frames to choose from: 

Monday: 8AM-10PM

Tuesday: 4-10PM

Wednesday: 4-10PM

Thursday: 5-10PM

Friday: 5-10PM

Saturday: 5-10PM

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